Thuraya X-5 Android Satellite Phone with 2Sim Slot


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satellite communication company has made its first satellite smartphone Thuraya X5- touch which comes the touch screen and all smart features.
Well it is now official that technology is making its way to the future as we know all the companies are making efforts all the way to make out best ever products and here is the new item making its way into the markets.
Satellite phones are one of the most used devices for travellers and also for many uses by defense, intelligence and much more fields as this is a product which makes its calls through the satellite and could be used in any corner of the world without any worry of the signal and communication problems as these phones are specially made for these type of fields.
Thuraya X5-touch with android makes it way more better because of the smart features and a touchscreen which makes it more convenient to use and even more efficient and making its way to android could help it in much more ways due to the vast features and components.


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